Why Do You Need AndroVPN?


 You may already have a sense of what AndroVPN app can do and how it can be useful. Let’s break its uses into four categories:

  1. AndroVPN protects your identity. Identity theft is a big business these days. Hackers look for any way to steal information about you; then, they use that information themselves or they sell it to the highest bidder. They value most your PII (personally identifiable information), meaning any and all information that might be used to identify or impersonate you. This can include:
    • Social Security numbers
    • Birth dates
    • Biometric data

    By encrypting all of this information, AndroVPN ensures that even if hackers somehow accessed it, they’d never be able to make sense of it.

  2. AndroVPN protects your privacy. It might be obvious that if AndroVPN protects your identity, it protects your privacy. Hackers aren’t the only people looking to spy on you, though. If you log on through a typical ISP (internet service provider), you’re also subject to surveillance by government agencies. Using AndroVPN ensures absolutely no one can see your online behaviors.
  3. AndroVPN allows you to bypass restrictions. Whether you’re a Chinese dissident trying to support reform, a student at a major university logging on to an LGBTQ+ website that’s being filtered, or an employee playing solitaire on his coffee break, AndroVPN can hide what you’re up to. Whatever the particular restriction, logging on to AndroVPN helps you get around it.
  4. AndroVPN allows you to access more streaming service libraries. Most of us use at least one streaming service these days, and many of us use half a dozen or more. Not everyone realizes, though, that many streaming services like Netflix offer different content in different countries. These different libraries are generally locked away so Americans can’t see what the Brits are watching, and the Brits can’t see what the Canadians are watching. With one of the best VPNs for Netflix, though, you can connect to the internet with an IP address from virtually any country in the world and unlock all this great content

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